There are many publications about Jaffrey or that employ Jaffrey as a setting or otherwise relate in a greater or lesser degree to Jaffrey, both current and historical, that are described and discussed on the site. Many of these may be viewed or downloaded.
   The titles included here are arranged broadly by subject, type, format, etc. Priority has been given to works of history, biography and topography, although literature—poetry and prose—has been included, too.
   Many more titles can be found by searching Google (particularly Google books, just type in ‘Jaffrey’)


The following publications—arranged by subject and date—are described and in many cases available for viewing or downloading:


A Sermon Preached at the Funeral of The Rev. Laban Ainsworth (Tenney, 1858)

History of… Jaffrey, NH (Cutter, 1881)

An Historical Discourse (Livingston, 1896)

The Making of a Town. Being Some Account of the Settlement and Growth of… Jaffrey (Annett, 1899)

Old Days in Jaffrey (Annett, 1922)

The Diary of James Stevens, Revoluntary Soldier (Committee on Jaffrey History, 1928)

History of… Jaffrey, NH, Vol II Genealogies (Annett & Lehtinen, 1934)

History of… Jaffrey, NH, Vol I Narrative (Annett & Lehtinen, 1937)

Souvenir Program of the 175th Anniversary of… Jaffrey (1948)

The V.I.S. (Kidd, 1971)

Jaffrey Center New Hampshire (Kidd, 1976)

Jaffrey Roads and Streets (Kidd, 1982)

The Jaffrey Meetinghouse (Stephenson, 1993)

Jaffrey Then and Now (Stephenson & Seiberling, 1994)

History of… Jaffrey, NH, Vol IV (Jaffrey History Committee, 2000)

Marshal the Willing Forces; A Centennial History of the Jaffrey Center Village Improvement Society (Stephenson, 2006)

Guidebooks and Similar

Hand-Book of Jaffrey, N.H. (1898)

A Walk around Downtown Jaffrey (TEAMJaffrey, 2023)

A Walk around Jaffrey Center (Stephenson, 2023)

A Walk around Squantum (Stephenson, 2010)

The Little Red Schoolhouse Brochure

Monadnock 4: Jaffrey's Fire Museum (Stephenson)


Aunt Hannah, The Band Box Maker (Robinson, 1925)

The Story of Amos Fortune (Williams & Torrey)

Amos Fortune; The Man and his Legacy (Lambert, 2000)

Willa Cather in Jaffrey (Bean, 2005)

Luke Howe, M.D. An Extraordinary Physician of Jaffrey (Millard, 2005)

Viggo Brandt-Erichsen in Jaffrey (Bean, 2006)


Annals of the Grand Monadnock (Chamberlain, 1936)

Literature with Connections to Jaffrey

Monadnock (Peabody, no date) Poetry
Mountain Echoes (Heath, 1930) Poetry