This section of the site is devoted to the people of Jaffrey. Right now there is very little content. Here is a list of the biographies currently contained on the site:

Alice Adams: Teacher, principal of Conant H.S., and missionary to Japan
The Rev. Laban Ainsworth: First minister of Jaffrey.
Albert Annett: Manufacturer, State Senator, and author of The History of Jaffrey, NH
Oscar Bradley: Medical Doctor, first president of the Monadnock Bank
John Conant: Farmer, banker, and namesake of Jaffrey High School.
Walter S. Crosley: Rear Admiral, USN. Awarded the Navy Cross.
Hannah Davis: Manufacturer of band boxes.
Walter Heath: Farmer and author of "Mountain Echoes"
Alfred B. Kittredge: U.S. Senator of South Dakota
Jonas M. Melville: Founder of Melville Academy
Abel Parker: Minuteman who fought at the Battle of Bunker Hill
Benjamin Pierce: Merchant, state legislator, builder of the Granite State Hotel
Alice Upton Pearmain: Suffragist, Educator, and Social Worker
Peter Upton: Banker, state legislator, and member of the Governor's Council


{Those who set the compass early on}

Community Leaders
{Those who served Jaffrey with their time and knowledge}

Captains of Industry & Commerce
{Those who built businesses, provided jobs and kept us fed and clothed}

Literary Lights & Cultural Icons
{Writers, Poets, Artists}

Famous People
{Those known and influential beyond our bounds}

Infamous People
{There might be one or two}