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Jaffrey Then and Now: Changes in Community and Character contains old photographs of Jaffrey buildings juxtaposed with contemporary ones. The book illuminates Jaffrey's community character through careful consideration of houses, stores, factories, churches, and roads. It shows how these structures have changed over the years in response to technology, fashion and circumstance.





  1. Main Street: Unifying Jaffrey Life, Past and Present.
    The chapter highlights the importance of Main Street, the way it physically ties the town together and how, through architecture that it is stretched along it, our culture and history are revealed.
  2. Church and State, Religion and Education.
    The capter discusses religion and education as central forces in the shaping of the town and how they are physically expressed in our churches and schoolhouses.
  3. Mills and Industry.
    Focuses on the early role played by our mills in determining where settlement and growth ocurred.
  4. House and Home
    Looks at our residential heritage, suggesting how agriculuture and industry, the horse and the automobile have influenced the location and design of our houses and the function and operation of our homes.
  5. Tourism and Turnpikes
    Considers the continuing lure of Monadnock and the natural attributes of the land, their ability to draw visitors and new residents and to create and sustain business.
  6. Maps and Patterns of Change
    Reflects on how, over many years, the changing patterns of growth and decline, development and change are expressed in maps.

  7. Epilogue


    Glossary of Some Architectural Styles Found in Jaffrey

    Bibliography of Sources Cited or Consulted

    Notes on Photographers, Cartographers and Publishers

    Notes on the Illustrations, Photographs and Maps

Title: Jaffrey Then and Now: Changes in Community Character
Author: Robert B. Stephenson & Catherine L. Seiberling
Date: 1994
Place: Jaffrey, NH
Publisher: Printed by Jaffrey Historic District Commission
Pages: [117]pp

Stephenson & Seiberling's Jaffrey Then and Now was published by the Jaffrey Historic Commission. It may be purchased directly from the Commission, through Toadstool Bookstores, and from the Jaffrey Center Villiage Improvement Society.