Hearse House Project

A photo showing the site with the Old Burying Ground and mountain beyond and the Horse Sheds to the right. Photo: Rob Stephenson

A photo showing the site with the Old Burying Ground and mountain beyond and the Horse Sheds to the right. Photo: Rob Stephenson 

The Society has in its possession two historic hearses—an 1868 wheeled hearse and a sleigh hearse. Presently, the wheeled hearse is in storage at the Belletete’s Annex in Squantum. The sleigh hearse is in the Hearse House at Village Cemetery, Turnpike Road, in downtown Jaffrey. The Society’s Directors at its November 14, 2013 meeting voted:

“We, as Directors of the JHS, support the notion of conserving and displaying the two hearses that we currently possess.”

At its meeting on January 9, 2014, a presentation was made and following discussion the Directors voted the following:

“That the Directors accept in principle re-locating the former Old Burying Ground Hearse House or building a replica of same at the Old Burying Ground to house the two historic hearses in the Society’s possession, siting it either outside the wall to the south or in its original location at the end of the Horsesheds; and that ways and means of accomplishing this be investigated and pursued; and that a modest expenditure of funds be authorized to cover any costs incurred in such investigation; the President and Hearse Committee reporting back to the Directors at the next meeting, March 13, 2014.”

At its meeting on July10, 2014, the Directors approved the following vote:

“That the Jaffrey Historical Society—when and if necessary and only by an affirmative vote of the Officers and Directors—expend from the accrued past income of the Jaffrey Historical Society Endowment up to $5,000 on expenses related to the development of a Hearse House to accommodate and display the two historic hearses in the possession of the Society.”

These photographs were taken from the interior of the original Old Burying Ground hearse house (now off Nutting Road) on January 15, 2014.

These panoramic videos were taken from the Meetinghouse Common looking towards the site on November 20, 2014.

On January 6, 2015, architect Mike Petrovick took laser measurements of the original hearse house to be used in producing a computer visualization of the proposed hearse house in the proposed location.

Students in an architecture and engineering class at Conval High School have taken on the Hearse House as a project for 2014-15. JHS directors Rob Stephenson, Susan Leach and Peggy Ueda attended a presentation on December 5, 2014. Here are some photos.

This presentation will be made at an informational meeting on the project at the Jaffrey Civic Center on Sunday, January 25, 2015, at 3p.m. and revised on January 29th.